The Philip Kamin Collection

Philip Kamin's photography has constantly received accolades from the critics.
Some of these are listed below:


"After weathering several crucial personal changes over the course of their first decade together, Britain's Genesis has a larger following than ever. Although several books are available on the band, the newest is by Philip Kamin and Peter Goddard. Genesis sporting an introduction by Phil Collins…
The book's photographs are excellent."- Rolling Stone Magazine

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Van Halen

By Philip Kamin and Peter Goddard. "Photographer Kamin gets billing over writer Goddard, music critic for the Toronto Star.This is fitting since Kamin's color photo's of the hard rock group and their concerts are fabulous. "- People Magazine

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The Rolling Stones on Tour in Europe

"A follow-up to the Kamin and Goddard collaboration, but this time with a better selection of photos and more balanced text from videographer Kambach. Most of the pictures are close-ups and you get a wide range of emotions from Jagger and company, as opposed to the usual early 1980's preening. The book closes with a Ron Wood interview and a list of songs performed on tour."
– Gary M. Krebs, Billboard Magazine

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Springsteen Live and Van Halen

"These two books are done well and should become very popular. Both texts were written by Peter Goddard, a rock and jazz critic. He does a good reporting job but the photographs make these books collectors' items for Springsteen and Van Halen fans. Philip Kamin took the pictures and his brilliance shows. Yon can almost feel the excitement and see the stars leaping and jumping in response to their fans. This is photography as art."
– New York Hudson Sun Enterprise

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Stones book tells all about music, not drugs

"The Rolling Stones Last Tour contains 162 photos of the group, 89 in color. Photographer Kamin really knows how to capture the rocking and rolling of the Stones in concert."
– Thor Christensen, syndicated columnist

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Van Halen

"One of the better early photo books on the first incarnation of Van Halen- but that's not saying much.

These obnoxious American dudes stomp, jump, hump, squat, leg-kick, pirouette, and fawn over themselves in well over a hundred photographs, each one making you think Roth in particular could have learned a thing or two from Martha Graham. (Although how many other guys can touch a knee to an ear while standing?) For fans of early Creem magazine."
– Gary M. Krebs, Billboard Magazine

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The Who: The Farewell Tour

"Stunning shots taken during The Who's tour of America in 1982. The paper quality is excellent, as is the interior design. The photos cover the group both on stage and off, and succeed at capturing the flavor of each event; one word captions identify the cities in which the photos were taken.

The look (minus Keith Moon) is perhaps too polished for fans of the Who's late 1960's and early 70's bad boys image, but the book is still great for collectors."
– Gary M Krebs, Billboard Magazine

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New Book Treasured by fans of Genesis

"The photographs, nearly all of them in color, are very good and extremely well produced for this book.

Kamin and Goddard knew what they were doing and have turned out biographies for rock acts no less luminous than the Rolling Stones, The Who, David Bowie, and Van Halen. All and all, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Beyond is a good read to look at."
– Brian Kidwell, syndicated columnist

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Rock book duo does it again

"When it comes to getting out books on rock stars, no one in North America matches the quality and speed of Philip Kamin and Peter Goddard. Their profiles of Bruce Springsteen and pop groups Van Halen, Genesis, David Bowie, The Police, The Who, and the Stones have resulted in 200,000 copies published in 10 countries and translated in several languages including French, Japanese and German.

In the stores now Michael Jackson's Victory Tour and Duran Duran are continuing their winning way"
– Baker & Taylor's Book Alert

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Photographs by Philip Kamin; Text by Peter Goddard. "This is a very good book. Of course there is the usual extraordinary strong photographs. Every photograph of Bruce seems guaranteed to get a smile from his fans. Kamin and Goddard have teamed up previously to cover other prominent concert attractions and they prove here that they really work well with each other."
–Rock Magazine

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The Rolling Stones: The Last Tour Reviews

"Successfully analyses the niche the Stones occupy in the history of 'Rock and Roll'…. Kamin really knows how to capture the energy of the Stones in concert." – The Northern Star

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The Rolling Stones: The Last Tour

"Is a convincing work by Peter Goddard and Philip Kamin." – cover of Goldmine Magazine

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The Cars

"Stylish photo book on the Boston band that treats them as "normal" rock publicity hounds, but with a certain mystery about them—notably in the tricky lyrics to Ric Ocasek's tunes. Writer Goddard did more research here than is his usual, examining the band's overlooked meticulousness, diversity, and artistic relationship with Andy Warhol (who directed some of their videos). Superb concert and recording shots by Kamin, taken on "exclusive" Canon cameras and equipment."
– Gary M. Krebs, Billboard

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Genesis: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Beyond

"An assemblage of live photos of the group together and solo from the Kamin/Goddard team:

Kamin handles the pictures, and Goddard writes the words. The book is divided into the following sections: Reunion Concert 1982; Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks; Phil Collins; Peter Gabriel (with and without hair); and Genesis on Genesis. The arrangement of Rutherford and Banks up front in Part Two nicely downplays the large shadows cast by the dynamic Collins and Gabriel.

Most of the shots are close-ups, with colored lights and stage smoke looming large in the backdrops.

A dynamic and moody presentation that should please fans of Genesis, Collins, and Gabriel alike."
– Gary M. Krebs, Billboard Magazine

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The Who- Farewell Tour

Photographs by Philip Kamin; Text by Peter Goddard. "Kamin's photos dominate capturing the energy of The Who show and exposing the striking differences between the two leaders who don't like even being in the same room together."- Barbara Crook, The Ottawa Citizen

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Spotlight On the Sixties

"The Rolling Stones Live, the text is bright, tight and witty. But the real strength of the book is in the pictures numbering more than 160 of them, most in color showing 'the greatest rock 'n roll band in the world", pouting, posting, jumping to the vast crowds in stadiums all over the States."
– The Oldham Evening Chronicle, Lancashire Devon UK

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David Bowie: Out of the Cool

"Serviceable photo book of Bowie's Serious Moonlight Tour with approximately 200 photos of Bowie in action on stage. Kamin has captured the blonde (and occasionally redheaded) superstar in a variety of poses, costumes hairstyles (variations on sweaty, slick, and plain messy), facial expressions, mannerisms —and even Hamlet-reminiscent props (a skull). The usual Kamin/Goddard formula made enticing by the apropos book subtitle."– Gary M. Krebs, Billboard

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The Rolling Stones: The Last Tour

"Philip Kamin and Peter Goddard examine The Rolling Stones: The Last Tour with excellence colorful shots of the Stones Tour."- Hit Parader Magazine

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The Rolling Stones: Live

"…Full color and black and white photographs which have never been previously published. Mr.Goddard captures the feelings in the narrative surrounding the photos… The pictures are loud, hot, and graphic…
A good rock and roll book for your coffee table…"- Book Reviews; Lansing, Kansas

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Duran Duran Live

By Philip Kamin and Peter Goddard. "Capture and hold for yourself Duran Duran's scintillating presence in this book (which features some of the hottest concert pictures ever taken of the fab five.). The live energy is lovingly portrayed in vivid color."- Rock Magazine

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The Who – Farewell Tour

"Complete photo coverage of the Who's final sold-out series of concerts filled with stunning color and black and white images of this powerful rock and roll band." – Japanese Review

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The Rolling Stones Live

"For all you frustrated Jagger fans who ever wanted to go to a Rolling Stones concert, here's your chance!

All you have to do is put a Stones record on the stereo and pick up this book. The photos on every page capture the feeling and the energy of the crowds that followed the Stones wherever they performed."
– Kim Newth, UK syndicated columnist

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