Philip found a great way to combine his passion for music and photography.

From the end of my time with Genesis, through many of my early tours,
I watched him evolve from an enthusiastic, bearded young man into a very able and accomplished photographer. Live performance was his focus, and he would travel with many artists from gig to gig. That way, we got to know, like, and trust him and consequently relax, which enabled him to create this unique library of pictures".

Peter Gabriel

A man sitting on top of a chair in front of a crowd.


A man standing in front of several pictures.

There are always three or four very familiar faces one sees when one looks out into an audience. These familiar faces are usually in the section known as the "photo pit."

One of these faces belongs to Phil Kamin. He takes photographs. In fact, he takes great photographs. Inside this book is a collection of pictures taken at various concerts with various personnel in various guises. From Milton Keynes Milwaukee, he always seemed to appear and became a great friend over the years.

Dear Phil, I mean every word!

Luv you, Phil C.


Phil Kamin is a dear friend and a great photographer. He is great because his photographs are honest. I remember first meeting him back in the day when he was hanging out backstage at a Genesis concert. He was a fan but a non-assuming, non-demanding fan. He was and is a genuinely nice guy. He went on to take some pictures of the show and kept getting better and better as he did more and more shows.

I know you will enjoy his work as much as I have over the years.

Chester Thompson
Genesis, Phil Collins, Weather Report, Frank Zappa

Two men are playing drums together in a band.


A man with long hair and a shirt on playing guitar.

I remember Göteborg – A great show! We played extremely well there.

The crowd was really up for the show – they wouldn't let up for a minute, and Phil's camera was there to capture it all.

Ron Wood
Rolling Stones


Phil Kamin captured our energy on the road with his camera.

I always loved all the shots Philip took of me on stage.

Bill Wyman
Rolling Stones

A man in yellow jacket holding a guitar.


A man and woman hugging each other in front of a curtain.

This was one of those moments backstage where I felt so thankful that Rush let us come out there with them… Ged (and the rest of Rush) showed us how to conduct ourselves on the road… how to play hard every night…who to listen to… who not to listen to… and I think in some small way we influenced them too. This photo is musician hetero man love at its finest, and Philip was right there with the eye and camera to capture it, as always.

Kim Mitchell
Kim Mitchell Band and Max Webster


What I like most about this photo is how Philip caught the loose symmetry of both guitars and the chrome stand holding the acoustic guitar. There is also the symmetry of the fingers on both hands and how the light on them plays against the green stage lighting. He also seems to have caught the moment when I looked over at my tech and telepathically asked,
'Am I in tune or what?' A common question of the times!
Alex Lifeson

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A person standing at a podium with a microphone.

Philip took some of the best photos of the CARS that I have ever seen. The concert shots from the Heartbeat City Tour are phenomenal!! Philip traveled with us on a number of tours and was a pleasure to hang with. Great shots and a cool guy.

What more could you ask for?

Greg Hawkes
The Cars and Todd Rundgren


I consider Phil Kamin to be Teenage Head's official photographer over anybody else.

He was always there pushing us to be our best. He understood that Teenage Head was a band while at the same time capturing the unique dynamics of Frankie Venom.

Many of his live photos included all 4 members of the band, a highly difficult and very appreciated task. He was at all the big shows – Ontario Place, Heatwave, and, of course, Larry's Hideaway. All through it, he was always encouraging Frank to perform at his peak and photographing him at his best. I know Frankie loved him. No one but Phil could have captured those shots. "Frantic City" is one of the finest album covers in Canadian music history, in my opinion. We all consider Phil to be our friend and are so glad he was there to document our finest moments. Thank you, Phil!'

Gord Lewis
Teenage Head

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