Philip Kamin Publishing

Philip's work received such critical acclaim that he formed a publishing company in 1982, producing full-color 128-page books documenting the tours of many of the above-mentioned groups. The books were sold across Canada, the U.S., England, Australia, France, Germany, the rest of Europe and Japan.

The key to his success was an exceedingly quick turn-around time. Philip would have a book released while the band was still on tour, giving fans the absolute latest stories, interviews, pictures and new images of the act. He repeated the formula with the fashion, entertainment, and sports books.

Philip Kamin Publishing Inc. has produced over 40 music titles, selling between 35,000 to 150,000 copies each worldwide. This led Kamin Publishing to produce other books on fashion, entertainment, the Royals, movie stars, health, sports and fictional books, including romance and action-adventure novels. These books were distributed by top publishing houses, including McGraw-Hill, Barrons, St. Martin's Press, MacMillan, Prentice Hall, Random House, Hal Leonard Music Publishing, New American Library, Sidgwick & Jackson, Virgin Publishing Group, New English Library, Methuen, McClellend & Stewart, CBC Publishing, Optimum Internationals, General Publishing, Berkley, Harper Collins, and Shinko. Accumulated sales have totaled over 2,500,000 copies with a retail value of over $25,000,000.

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