Van Halen


Van Halen1984… ’nuff said. Yet if pressed, one could wax poetic for days on the

appropriately titled 1984 release. Critics and fans adored the album, which charted

second only behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Perhaps it was MTV that helped Van Halen

chart hit after hit: “Jump,” “Panama,” “I’ll Wait,” “Hot For Teacher”… or maybe it was because

they just were sooooo awesome. The 1984 concert tour was remarkably successful but tension

between lead singer David Lee Roth and the rest of the band was so high that each member

performed on a separate stage and left one at a time after the show. After the tour, they

continued to promote the album on a short European festival tour, after which Roth

quit the band. Van Halen moved forward, adding Sammy Hagar to the mix as a replacement

for Roth. Following 1984, Van Halen continued to dominate the world of lead guitar with

Eddie Van Halen’s pyrotechnics, but also wove in more synthesizer with the release of 5150

in 1986. Van Halen’s first new album since 1998 was released last year

with A Different Kind of Truth, and reunion tours with David Lee Roth followed in 2008,

raking in 93 million dollars, and the current on-off-on jaunt, headed for Japan in 2013.