Frank Zappa

A unique figure in rock history, Frank Zappa was an avant-garde composer,

satirical/Dadaist lyricist, doo-wop connoisseur, uncompromisingly demanding

bandleader and wicked guitarist. He may have looked like a hippie in his long hair

and iconic moustache and soul patch, but Zappa was a stern anti-drug workaholic

who composed musique concrète alongside Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow, releasing

over 60 albums all told. Aside from this considerable impact, he even entered

rock lore: a fan burned down the Montreux Casino during a Mothers of Invention show

in 1971, inspiring Deep Purple to write Smoke on the Water. Zappa memorably

(and eloquently) testified in Congress against music censorship and stood out

as a sardonic, scathing and devoted spokesman for artistic and personal integrity.

RIP Uncle Frank.