Bruce Springsteen



The Boss reached a musical turning point in 1978 with the release of

Darkness on the Edge of Town. The rapid-fire lyrics of early albums were

replaced by more personally and politically insightful pieces —a change that

was eagerly embraced by fans. His 1978 cross-country tour in support of the

album became legendary for its length and, most notably, his performances

—high-intensity even by Springsteen standards!  Bruce continued to tour in

the early 1980s in support of the epic double album  The River, with his greatest

commercial success coming in 1984 courtesy of Born in the U.S.A., its

seven hit singles, and a tour that introduced him to his first wife.

Though his marriage would not last more than five years, Bruce has pressed on,

releasing 9 more albums and earning a plethora of awards including 19 Grammys,

2 Golden Globes and an Oscar for Best Original Song, “Streets of Philadelphia.”